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Contact Information

If you are a school or church working with families, to get in contact please email


How do we donate?

    • You CAN send brand new and unopened items to us! However at present, this organization is not registered with the IRS as a nonprofit; therefore any donations CAN NOT be deducted on taxes. *Check contact info for address*

Why is this a focus?

  • Over the years as I have worked with the community I have noticed this is a subject not talked about; as if it’s taboo. At the same time where donating clothes to be charitable and sustainable is flooding the media. I truly believe this is something that needs to be advocated for in hopes to bring awareness and make an impactful difference for the needed youth.

How do you find families to donate to?

  • This community operation is in contact with multiple churches. They act as a middle man between us and the families; once new items are purchased they are dropped off or sent to the churches/schools and distributed where they are needed keeping the families anonymous.

How often are donations being made?

  • We are scheduled to make quarterly donations amongst the communities and will keep track of what we’ve been able to produce on our homepage.

Is there any way to connect with you if not part of a church or school?

  • Yes of course! If you are a social worker or working in human services and know of family’s in need. OR a family in need yourself. Do not hesitate to send an email!